The Blossom Behind The Story


6 years ago I was given an orchid plant which flowered a couple of times and then gradually stopped. Some leaves turned a pale yellow green and there were no more stalks to be found. It remained like this for 2.5 years. In a dormant state, I wondered what the matter was but didn't take action... And so nothing happened. Occasionally I would remember to water it but that didn't seem to work.

2.5 years went by and I decided I wanted to see it bloom again. I wanted to see the beautiful ornate structured petals and deep shade of pink adorn our living space…or what was the point of having it?

I researched how to care for orchids and discovered that what was needed was quite simple. In addition to good soil and plenty of sunlight the plants needed regular watering. I thought I had been watering them properly but I hadn’t been consistent. Consistency was the key. 

Every Sunday from then on I purposed to give my plant half a cup of water. Nothing happened for a few months then suddenly I saw it. A brand new shoot. 6 months later of slow but steady growth the orchids finally produced buds and bloomed.

Why do I say all of this? Because I believe it’s exactly the same with our natural hair. We continue for years thinking that we’re ‘looking after’ our hair by feeding it a diet of nutrient deficient cheap oils and substances which give the illusion of soft hair. Furthermore in addition to this our hair received very little hydration. No wonder we often never really see our hair actually bloom and enjoy its beauty.

So, now let’s see you and your hair BLOSSOM! Start here!

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