ROOT2TIP Products Review and Perm Rod Set Trial

ROOT2TIP Products Review and Perm Rod Set Trial

For the month of May I tried two products from ROOT2TIP. The first was their 'Quench Anti-breakage Creme' and the second was the 'Detangling Leave-in Conditioner Honey Rain Juice'. I wanted to try these products when doing a perm rod set. I've never used perm rods on my hair but I've been curious about what kind of sets I could achieve so I decided to have go while testing out these products.

The Set

I think the products worked well for the set and would have really done the job if I had changed a few aspects of the set. There are 4 things I should have done. Firstly, I should have really stretched my hair out well. I believed the stretch I had was ok but when I took out the rods you'll see that my roots look just a bit too puffy! Anyway, if I did the set on freshly threaded or blow dried hair the results would have been closer to what I was looking for. Secondly, I should have perhaps used flexi-rods as they have a longer area on which to twist the hair around therefore creating an elongated curl. Thirdly, the rods should have been left to dry properly! But I just didn't have the time that day! And fourthly, my hair needed to be wetter, perhaps with water or even a water based setting spray to give just a little extra hold.

More Thoughts

I was fairly happy with the set but I wanted to see how the products would work on a classic twist out on damp hair so after putting together the video review I quickly tried it out. I spritzed my hair with loads of water, then spritzed my hair with the conditioner and lastly added a little of the creme. I love, love, LOVE the definition!



I think these products work better on damp hair that is set in a compressed style with braids, twists or bantu knots but I also think they are versatile enough to use in other ways. The creme perhaps as a conditioning creme to nourish dry ends and the Leave-in as a spritz to refresh your hair in-between styles.

Check out the full review video above if you would like to know more.

Check out the rest of the fabulous range at ROOT2TIP...another UK company producing great natural products for kinky, coily girls.