Growing Those Difficult Areas

Growing Those Difficult Areas

We all have troublesome parts of our manes where it seems so difficult to retain length. Whether it’s the crown, the back, sides or edges I think we’ve all experienced breakage somewhere on our head. The area that I find most difficult to grow are the front sides of my head. They have always been lower in density and smaller in diameter than most of the other hairs on my head. They are extremely coily and tend to have very high shrinkage. These characteristics make these hairs prone to tangling, single strand knots and breakage. But there are ways in which we can combat the breakage… lets see how.

Using ingredients which impart tons of moisture to your strands…and holds it there.

Creamy moisturisers /leave-in conditioners that contain oils which support moisture retention like olive oil and coconut oil tend to work better for kinkier hair textures. It’s also good to use a leave-in which contains some humectants which draw moisture to the hair and hold it there. I’ve been mixing some of my own recipes lately and I’ve stumbled upon a combination that works really well for my texture. When I need a boost of moisture I use my creamy leave-in which contains these fantastic penetrative oils in addition to vitamin rich aloe vera and shea butter. Make sure your hair is well fed and hydrated.

Avoid mini twists especially as they can easily knot together at the ends.

I find that if I do small twists in this area my hair tangles more easily, probably because the twist twists in the direction of my natural curl pattern so the strands find it easier to curl around one another. Perhaps doing small braids in this area may offer some protection but I personally haven’t tried them, and I can envision a massive time consuming mission in order to install and take them down...which I just don't have time or patience for!

In my experience I've observed that when I keep my hair in a collection or chunky sections the strands don't succumb to as much damage as when they are in small sections. I guess it's a classic case of "strength in numbers". When considering your protective style or styles in general, perhaps choose a few where your delicate strands can be grouped together and then easily arranged into a beautiful style!

Protective styling

Yes, this is one of those key practices which really does go a long way in helping us to retain length in those hard to grow areas. Flat twists or cornrows are a good choice as they keep the hair close to scalp where there is a higher concentration of our natural oils (sebum). Also, if you have longer hair it’s good practice to make sure your ends are not rubbing on any clothing or accessories. Tuck in those ends!

So what are some of the ways you combat breakage in those hard to grow areas?

Let’s share suggestions!