Afrocenchix Moisturiser And Shampoo Review

Afrocenchix Moisturiser and Shampoo Review

I've really enjoyed trying out these products from UK companies. There seems to be so many who  are striving to produce products that are highly beneficial for curly, coily hair. Us curlies should be really thankful that there are finally people who want to cater to our particular hair needs.

During April I used the 'Smooth' moisturiser from Afrocenchix. I had high hopes for the moisturiser and it did not disappoint! This creamy, lotion like moisturiser instantly imparted moisture (and lots of other natural oils) to my hair. As soon as I smoothed it along my hair it felt so soft and smelt amazing. I love products that smell like yummy desserts, and this one conjured up thoughts of fresh zingy lemon pie...mmm I felt like making one there and then. (Anyway, back to reality) I used the moisturiser when I took my hair down from my usual bun or to rehydrate my bang area which easily becomes dry due to the fact that I manipulate it more often.

Here is a bun style I did using the moisturiser. As you can see the twists were shiny (but not greasy), juicy and well defined.


Check out the full video review below!

Have you tried Afrocenchix moisturiser and or shampoo before? What are your thoughts? I'm eager to try out the rest of their range perhaps in the coming months.