Bunning- Protective Styling Fine 4C hair

Bunning for 4C Naturals

Ah protective styling! This is an essential element in my regime as a fine haired 4C naturalista with high shrinkage. If you've watched a few of my styling videos you'll see that I'm always searching for good protective styles that allow me to protect my ends, reduce tangles and single strand knots. I also like protective styles that don't take too long to install or uninstall and also allow me to cleanse and moisturise my scalp during the time I wear it.

Last month I tried some african threaded styles and these were great for stretching the hair and keeping it clumped together (which helped me retain moisture). However the only issue I had was that they didn't always fair well when washed. Sometimes they were ok and other times not so.

Then along came the bun! This is not a style I had previously tried as a protective style partly because I hadn't discovered how to easily detangle my roots with steam. So doing a style where my roots were left out of sections meant I would have to face a massive tangled job later down the line.

Fast forward to now - I can now try styles like buns which I believe can be good for protecting your hair as long as they don't place too much tension on your edges and you ensure you attend to your ends.

I've been wearing buns for the past 4-6 weeks and I must say that I've really enjoyed the easy up keep of them. Below is a video showing the simple bun that I do. In the morning there's minimal manipulation- no combing, no separating, no nothing. My edges lie flat because of the compression of the scarf during the night.

I wear the bun for two weeks at a time. Which is a breakthrough for me as I usually have an itchy scalp after about 4 days of washing my hair. The small change that I've made to my regime while wearing a bun is that every night I spritz my hair AND scalp with a water/oil mixture. I then place a plastic bag over my head, tie my scarf around it and go to bed. During the night my hair and scalp stays damp. In the morning I take it off and let my hair air dry and that's it. It's known as the Green House Method.

I now wash my hair every two weeks and deep condition overnight every two weeks. I'm hoping that I can keep this regime going for a good while as it means I manipulate my hair less and less which in turn will allow me to continue to retain length.

I think this method and the bun styling has really helped my hair retain a good level of moisture during the last month, and of course my henna treatments has helped with keeping my protein levels up too. When these are balanced my hair is happy.

How has your winter regime been? Do you have a favourite winter style?

Stay tuned for my next videos about scarf styles while wearing a bun and length retention.